Jerry (JJ) Tracy

Founder of J Squared Graphics
Since 2002, J Squared Graphics has offered services in graphic design, printing, interactive design, creative consulting, training, and web site design. Clients range from small start-up firms to established agencies, large multinational corporations, and the federal government.

Ward Engle

Tec-Com’s Computer Network Manager
Ward Engle is not an employee of Tec-Com but since its founding he has been an invaluable consultant who has assumed the full responsibility of developing, upgrading, and maintaining the company’s computer networking system and web systems. Prior to his retirement fromĀ Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 1995, he was a nuclear engineer and point man in working with nuclear reactor designers striving to meet the requirements for the massive radiation transport calculations required in radiation shield design. He was also a developer of computer codes needed for the calculations, including one of the first: the well-known (in the radiation shielding community) one-dimensional code ANISN. Tec-Com is fortunate that he is still available to the company even though he is otherwise fully retired.

Scott Spaid & Jeremi Bergman

Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, 2:45Tech is a custom development and web hosting company focused on creating and supporting applications for designers, business owners, and agencies of all sizes. At 2:45Tech, we turn your ideas into code.