Web Sites

With the introduction of the first mainstream web browsers in the early 1990s, Tec-Com launched its first web site, RiskWorld, in 1995, when fewer than 25,000 web sites were online. Tec-Com followed with work on additional web sites over the years, including the creation and development of the web site for our principle client, Swift Energy Company.  Currently, Tec-Com is developing mobile web sites, digital media marketing, and blogs as Internet technologies continue to evolve.

Investor Communications

Since its inception, Tec-Com has created communications designed to reach prospective and existing stakeholders, including stockholders and partnership investors. With Tec-Com as part of a client’s communications team, nine annual reports have won a “best in industry” award as part of the Nicholson Awards competition, an annual report competition sponsored by the National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC).

Annual reports
Investor newsletters
Partnership letters
Quarterly reports
Slide presentations
Corporate Videos

Media Publications

Tec-Com writes (or assists technical professionals in the writing of) articles for magazines, newspapers, and journals. Tec-Com staff works directly with editors to pitch article ideas, write and edit text, and follow through to publication.

Magazine articles
Newspaper articles
Journal articles

Energy & Economic White Papers

One of Tec-Com’s specialties is researching and writing in-depth white papers on topics related to energy resources and the economy. Typically, the research undertaken to produce these white papers includes obtaining and analyzing of key data, creating charts to graphically depict major and minor trends, and strong writing that succeeds in conveying detailed, and often technical, information to general audiences.

Oil & gas pricing trends
Peer group hedging trends
Global & North American crude oil trends
Natural gas production & consumption
Natural gas liquids production & consumption
U.S. oil & natural gas technically recoverable resources
U.S. economic indicators
Global economic indicators
U.S. & global economic trends
Electricity generation
Weather & climate trends
Nuclear power generation

Internal Corporate Reports

Tec-Com’s staff is experienced and skilled at preparing sensitive internal documents that range from statistical analyses of key operational and financial measures of performance to critical documents used in strategic planning.

Peer analysis (oil & natural gas independents)
Statistical analysis of operational & financial performance
Statistical analysis of industry and economic trends
Strategic planning support
Employee & leadership surveys

Risk Analysis & Risk Management

Throughout Tec-Com’s history, producing publications on risk analysis and risk management have been part of the company’s work. One of Tec-Com’s first clients was the Society for Risk Analysis. Tec-Com’s staff produced the society’s quarterly newsletter from 1988 through 1996, and also assisted with the publication of proceedings from annual conventions. Tec-Com’s staff also has assisted with risk management documentation for another client, including helping produce a risk enterprise risk management framework consistent with COSO and ISO guidelines.

Enterprise risk management framework

Tec-Com Clients

In addition to our principle client, Swift Energy Company, Tec-Com has performed a number of services for other clients over the years, including:

Alpha Industries
Sawing Systems
Society for Risk Analysis