Amy Charlene Reed

Senior Editor & Media Strategist
Employed by Tec-Com from 1992 to 2015   After more than 20 years with Tec-Com Inc., our senior editor Amy Charlene Reed has accepted a position in communications with the Global Security Directorate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as of November 2015. During Amy’s time at Tec-Com, she edited and wrote a wide variety of (more)

Richard Neil Abbott

Richard (Rick) Abbott became president of Tec-Com in 2014, having previously served as vice-president and secretary. He joined Tec-Com in 1988. As president, Rick currently oversees all of Tec-Com’s research, analysis, and communications services.  For more than a quarter of a century, he has helped Tec-Com produce a variety of documents for its clients, including planning documents, (more)

Lorraine Swift Abbott

Founder & Chairman
Lorraine Abbott founded Tec-Com Inc. in 1986 and served as its president until she resigned that position in 2014 at age 88 and reduced her work load in company projects. When she formed Tec-Com, Lorraine was newly retired from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), where she had been a technical editor and writer in the (more)

Katie Ingersoll

Secretary-Treasurer, Office & Web Manager
Katie Ingersoll joined Tec-Com Inc. in 1988. She was named the company’s treasurer in 1989 and assumed the dual office of secretary-treasurer in 2014. She manages all of Tec-Com’s day-to-day operations, including payroll and accounting activities. Katie also manages the web site of Tec-Com’s principal client, an independent oil and gas company based in Houston, (more)

Mary Bryant

Assistant Office & Web Manager
Mary Bryant joined Tec-Com in 1989 and has served as its assistant office manager since 2010. She also assists with managing Tec-Com’s web publication RiskWorld, for which she posts news items related to risk in the areas of energy, health, and the environment. Mary also assists in the management and maintenance of the web site (more)

W. Paul Abbott

W. Paul Abbott, together with his wife Lorraine and son Rick, is a co-owner and board member of Tec-Com. In the company’s earliest years, he was also the company’s sole financial backer, and in subsequent years, since his retirement, he has been the unpaid manager of the business aspects of the company. Paul served in (more)